My name is Matthew Webb. Horror has been a major part of my life, whether it is film or literature, and always will be. I grew up reading the stories of Stephen King, Richard Laymon, Edgar allan Poe, Dean Koontz and watching films by Romero, Carpenter, Bava, Argento and any other authors or filmmakers with a taste for the gruesome and macabre . I wanted to be scared. I wanted to experience things out of the ordinary, things that I had never experienced before and horror was the only genre that affected me in this way.

My first attempts at writing were copying a few of my favourite books, word for word, cover to cover, occasionally changing sections into my own words. Once I learnt the word plaigarism, I started working on my own stories. First and foremost, I write because I love it, but decided a few years ago to see if other people enjoyed reading my stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. All of my work has been published in different formats from magazines (both online and physical copy) to a course book for schools. Selected stories are now available to read from the home page.

The majority of space on this website is given to my film reviews. While growing up, finding gory films was a mission. In the days of video shops, it was a matter of trial and error, basing your choice solely on the pictures on the cover and the suggestions of the person behind the counter. That is until you get friendly enough with the proprietor to ask for the ‘special’ tapes (no, not those ones). The ones that weren’t allowed on the shelves and were saved for only the most curious customers like myself, and you if you’re reading this.

These days you can get anything you like at the touch of a button, but finding decent films can still be a very arduous task. Gore has become very popular recently, even straying outside of horror and used as shock tactics in other genres. In fact you’d be hard pushed to find many films nowadays without gore, even some television programmes have a massive amount of the red stuff.

I have spent many years compiling a list of the best (and worst) gore films then watching and reviewing them. Hopefully my hard work (although i’ve loved every minute) will help you and many others decide which films are worth your time.


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